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At Kieoa4 Associates, we value the unique needs of our customers.

Your desired outcome is the ‘who, what, and why’ of our entire existence.

Today, with so many real estate options available to you: investing, upgrading, downsizing, home based businesses, or simply deciding to make your first home purchase, homeownership has never been so transformative!

We’ll partner with you to develop a trusting relationship and support your ideas, visions, and end goals from the first contact to closing!

"...If you can see the vision for yourself and believe it’s within your reach. It is so." 

Kourtney M. Harris, Owner


Working with Realtor Kourtney Harris has been an unexplainably WONDERFUL experience! She is so kind, down to earth and helpful! My husband and I are so grateful for her hard work and dedication to her clientele! Such a warm, welcoming person! 10 stars!!!

Alyssa Sanbower

Kourtney is compassionate, ambitious, and courageous. She will give you her honest opinion/feedback and it always comes from a place of protecting your best interests. Kourtney is loyal, approachable, and energetic, which allows for productive conversations. She’s always tactful when collaborating and her positive attitude creates a platform to learn and grow. Kourtney will go above and beyond to provide support and guidance. Her goal is to provide a safe and judgement free zone. She is a futuristic thinker and a visionary. Possessing these attributes helps others see the big picture.

Norma Drennen

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