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About Us

At Kieoa4 Associates, we value the unique needs of our customers.

Your desired outcome is the ‘who, what, and why’ of our entire existence.

Today, with so many real estate options available to you: investing, upgrading, downsizing, home based businesses, or simply deciding to make your first home purchase, homeownership has never been so transformative!

We’ll partner with you to develop a trusting relationship and support your ideas, visions, and end goals from the first contact to closing!

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What is Our Mission?

Our mission at Kieoa4 is simple: To create partnerships, support visions and deliver outcomes.


Kieoa4 Core Values

At Kieoa4, we operate by a strict set of core values​ that help to shape each individual partnership:

  • Faith

  • Community

  • Family

  • Lifestyle

  • Financial freedom

  • Integrity


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