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5 Self Talk Strategies You Need Right Now!

Updated: May 8, 2021

We've all been there....over planning, over thinking, battling those internal voices of doubt. The picture in the caption was me on the 9th hour of an 11 hour day!! There was one decision to make after the other. On an empty stomach!

Coming down the stretch, I realized I needed to drown out the never ending input and output of information I'd collected all day to turn up my 'self-talk' on full blast!

Here is what I always go to:

  1. 'Let go of everything that's resisting': Knowing when to pull back or push through is critical. Trust your instincts!

  2. 'This moment has to be teaching me something': There is always revelation in the frustration. Be self aware and grow from it!

  3. 'Should I ask for help?': My mentors are on speed dial. Don't go it alone!

  4. 'You know your 'why': Just keep going. 'Today' thinking is a trap! Don't lose sight of your way forward.

  5. 'That's not your lane': There is no other person on the planet like you. Full Stop. Your path is your path. Your door is your door!

Hope this helps!

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